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39°7'3"N 106°41'36"W

melissa dunfee-woznicki
the art base
10x10 name unseen silent auction


paul woznicki

basalt, colorado


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"39°7'3"N 106°41'36"W" is a land art piece that draws its vitality from the essence of transience and collaboration. Meticulously erected in the heart of Colorado's tranquil Aspen mountains, this structure narrates its own story, each chapter marked by a distinct formation of found stones and rocks.

The artwork unfolds in three parts, each manifesting its own individual ensemble of stones, all natural, all with their own inherited beauty. The first arrangement, appearing on one side of an imposing boulder, presents a tableau of abstract formation. Here, stones lean against each other in a delicate equilibrium that challenges the traditional norms of sculptural permanence.

Opposite this organic synergy stands a wall formation, a testament to meticulous arrangement and gravity-defying balance. Each stone is purposefully placed, their combined strength providing a robust counterpoint to the ethereal stacking of its counterpart.

But the story doesn't end here. A line of scattered stones and rocks, collected from the same location, draws a line through the landscape at a slight distance from the boulder. This single, uninterrupted row stretches along the terrain accentuates the dialogue between impermanence and endurance, rawness and refinement, adding depth to the overall narrative.

This artwork is not about preserving eternity in stone; it is a homage to ephemerality, a testament to the unending cycle of creation and decay. It embraces the relentless passage of time, shaping and reshaping under the capricious elements of nature.

This piece is as much a participatory installation as it is our creation. We invite viewers to embark on this journey into the heart of nature, to encounter, to engage, to add their own layer to its narrative. In doing so, they contribute to its lifespan, its vibrancy, and its story.

Documenting "39°7'3"N 106°41'36"W" was uniquely committed to staying true to its analog roots as this ephemeral piece was captured through Polaroid mini and 35mm black and white photographs. The combination of format arrestingly captures the fleeting nature of the artwork, an effect further accentuated by assembling the images into a collage on a 10" by 10" ultra-smooth gesso panel. The Polaroids, arranged in a 2-by-3 grid, narrate a sequences of creation and disintegration, taking the viewer on the journey of building and unbuilding, narrating the life of the land art piece and its gentle return to nature.

"39°7'3"N 106°41'36"W" is an exploration of impermanence. It oscillates between the artist's vision and the rawness of nature, between planned strategies and spontaneous designs. It invites you to participate, to reflect, and to let go. Its power lies in its transience, in its capacity to create a bond that, while fleeting, will always remain unforgettable.

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